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Printing / Re: Samsung CLX 3305FW
« Last post by StevenRis on January 19, 2018, 12:05:48 »
This didn't do the trick for me, unfortunately. I'm also trying to install the CLX 3305FW. Does anyone have any other suggestion perhaps?
Scanning / Samsung SCX-4623F Networked
« Last post by carlnielsen on January 11, 2018, 07:29:01 »
I have a Samsung SCX-4623F attached to a "server" running OpenMediaVault. I have 2 laptops on the network:
1. Linux Mint XFCE 17.3 Rosa
2. Linux Mint Debian Edition (rolling updates based on Debian Testing)

All 3 devices have driver-4.00.36 installed.

Laptop 1 was setup quite some time ago and works perfectly for printing and scanning. Laptop 2 was more recent and can print without trouble but xsane cannot find the scanner when I try.

I have recently added a 3rd laptop to the system also running Mint XFCE but version 18.3. I installed the same packages but it, like the LMDE laptop, reports that it can't find the device.

Any troubleshooting advice? Logs I can check?

Is there anything special to do to get a scanner to work across the network on the client device apart from installing the relevant packages. I know to print, one must then add the printer in CUPS etc, but for scanning?...

All help appreciated.
If you do not see Printers or Printing, you can start a terminal and enter system-config-printer to start the interface.  You may need to click "unlock" and enter your password to make changes.
I have installed through Synaptic, but I don't see "Printers" option in my software list.

What more should I do, bchemnet?
If you installed the driver using the Samsung installer, the Configurator is already installed and can probably be accessed through your software list.  If you installed using the repository, the configurator is a package you can select (for example, in Synaptic).  System-config-printer is a standard Debian package, and may already be installed: if you see a "Printers" option in your software list, that is probably it and you can try to add your printer through there.
Hi, bchemnet, thank you for replying!

I am newbie on Debian, and I don't know how to install system-config-printer or the suld-qt4-configurator. Could you teach me?

 Thanks in advance!
More information is needed.  Have you installed system-config-printer or the suld-qt4-configurator so that you have an interface to manage printers?  Is your printer connected over the network or by USB?

Also, I recommend using either driver-4.01.17 or driver2-1.00.36 for that printer, as there have been updates since 3.00.90 that probably impact its use.  If you elect to use driver2, be sure to use system-config-printer, not the configurator, to manage it.
I have installed 3.00.90, but the printer does not appear!
Success Stories / SL-M2875FD Ubuntu 16.04 printing and scanning over LAN
« Last post by groumfy29 on November 25, 2017, 16:21:18 »
# Printing with default drivers
- Get the IP address of your printer, such as
- System settings -> Printers
- Type the URI : ipp://
- Set a name, such as "Samsung M286X / M287X"
- That's all

# Printing with uldr drivers
- Install V1.00.37_00:99 (Rev date : Sep 1, 2017)
- System settings -> Printers
- Select "Samsung M286X / M287X"
- Select IPP
- That's all

# Scanning
- Install V1.00.37_00:99 (Rev date : Sep 1, 2017)
- Run Simple scan
- That's all

# Common Issue : random characters with PDF and text files
1) Printer name is "print" : doesn't work.
2) Printer name is "SEC30xxxxxxxxxx" : doesn't work.

=> Just add the printer in system settings, and use the named printer, not the default ones.

After installing the drivers, the printer was listed, I figured that's would be enough.
Announcements / Re: HP acquiring Samsung printer business
« Last post by bchemnet on November 20, 2017, 05:44:45 »
HP's website now appears to have all current Samsung printers and drivers available.  As of today, it appears that none of the driver files have been modified in any way, so the most current drivers remain the 1.00.36/37 set released more than two years ago.
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