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How to Contact Me

If you wish to contact me, you may do so via the SULDR Forums (free registration), which replace the original (and obselete/locked) Ubuntu Forum Thread. The SULDR forums replace the thread started in the Ubuntu Forums in January 2007 that morphed into this repository and its support. In June 2012 I created the forums here, in recognition of the fact that (1) I have not run Ubuntu since early 2008, (2) many users of the repository are not using Ubuntu, and (3) the Ubuntu forums was changing focus and approach to "how-to" guides and emphasizing wikis, which I have no interest in dealing with for this purpose. I have a full-time job and a family, and can only support this repository and the related files when I have spare time (infrequently). I do not have time to respond to individual requests unless they are posted publicly, which decreases the number of times I have to answer the same questions and increases the chance that you will get help (because others follow the thread). My email address is not listed for a reason; although it would not take a great deal of effort to find my email address, I will not reply to any messages sent directly to me regarding anything to do with this repository or the Unified Driver.

When posting asking for assistance, please follow the guidelines given in the forum boards. It also helps if you accurately identify your Linux version and printer in your forum profile. Without this information, it is unlikely anyone will be able to help you.

Please do read all the relevant sections of this website, and at least quickly scan the forums before taking any actions. Many common questions are answered in these locations. If you still have questions after doing so, then please do register and post.

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