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Hi Guys,

I have a synology nas server. And i would like to have my samsung clx 3305 scanner working on it. I found out i have to use the xerox mfp driver.

But is there someone that can me provide a step by step manual to install the NETWORK scanner on the synology.

Thanks a lot.

Hello bchemnet.

Thank you for your reply.
It's a Medion Nas Server. It's accessable via SSH Shell. Can you prefer a good package manager?
I use uwsiteloader, but can't find SANE in it. If you know one, please can you tell me where to find it, and a little help with how to use it?

Thanks a lot.

Hello Everyone,

I saw this document and i'm very interessed in this.
But can anyone tell me how to install SANE on a linux device.
I Can't figure it out in the README.linux.

Thanks a lot.

Melis Dekker

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