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Thanks all for creating this nice tool. I have a CLX3305FW which works great, although I needed to set snmp access to read/write for being able to use MODIFIED_SANE=TRUE. I use ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) as server. Below the Firmware version of my printer.

Main Firmware Version
V3.00.02.17 DEC-20-2014
Network Firmware Version
IP Core Software Version
22.01.NW Stack Version
Engine Firmware Version
V1.00.20 2014-07-09
PCL5E Firmware Version
PCL5Ce 6.79.05 07-10-2014
PCL6 Firmware Version
PCL6 7.44.03 08-29-2012
PostScript Firmware Version 03-07-2014
SPL Firmware Version
SPL-C 5.59.02 02-24-2014
PDF Firmware Version 03-07-2014

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