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Isn't there really any one who could help or at least point me in the right direction?
Please ...
I can print with no issues from linux. I can print and scan from windows.
This is my rig:
Ubuntu 14.04 64bit on the same network
Samsung SCX-4300 linked through a Netgear PS121v2
Network Printer IP address:
No firewall active
The command "/opt/Samsung/mfp/bin/netdiscovery --all --scanner" returns only "# DEBUG: Network printers discovery utility"
The command "sudo scanimage -L" returns "No scanners were identified..."

These are the packages that I installed from the repository:
neo@zion:~$ dpkg -l | grep suld
ii  libtiff3-suld                          3.6.1-3   
ii  suld-configurator-2-qt4         4.01.21-2                 
ii  suld-driver-4.01.17               4.01.17-4         
ii  suld-driver-common-1          1-9       
ii  suld-network-2                    4.01.17-2   
ii  suld-ppd-2                          4.01.17-4 
ii  suldr-keyring                       2

These are the files that I modified:

## saned hosts

## Access list

# Samsung SCX-4300
# usb 0x04e8 0x342e
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