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Thanks a million. I used the source from Fedora 29 - cups version 2.2.8-10 and could build it on Fedora 30 without any issues and the printer works.

As you suggested, I have posted a bug report but as you indicated, not much hope of it being addressed.

On the other hand, if Samsung/HP could release the source of the driver, it would be freedom!

I am using the ver 1.0.39.  After upgrading to Fedora 30, the printer is printing the following message whenever a document contains any image, even if grayscale;

INTERNAL ERROR - uw_color == 4
SYSTEM : h6fw_5.49/x1_image
LINE : 341
VERSION : SPL 5.49 10-20-2010

Cups does not seem to show any error.

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