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I've just bought a Samsung M2875FW and I'm using it via the SULDR packages (thanks a lot BTW!).
I'm on Debian testing (Jessie, at present).
Printing works fine. Scanning has some issues.

First of all xsane (but in general everything sane-related, it seems) takes a lot to scan for devices, about 35 seconds before showing the device dialog. It's not clear to me if that is normal or not. Any takers? If it is "normal", is there a way to avoid the device scanning and reuse the results from the last run? I'd be particularly cool if that could be done even when xsane is invoked by other applications, and most notably gimp.

More importantly, network scanning doesn't work at all for me and triggers a scanner reboot. Here is what happens.
I run xsane (wait 35 seconds...) and choose the scanner option over the net (which I've configured in /etc/sane.d/xerox_mfp.conf).
I run "acquire preview" and preview acquisition starts. Immediately after (maybe 1, 2 seconds max), the scanner briefly shows what it seems to be a debugging message on the display, which reads:

  PCS_Parser.c 20
   34 CPCS

and the reboots, starting again from the usual bootstrap display message:


at the very same time xsane crashes with a line like this one in dmesg:

  [236800.401928] traps: xsane[7112] trap divide error ip:7f651fc31c4c sp:7fffc1a2a820 error:0 in[7f651fc27000+11000]

It looks like a bug in the scanner firmware, but it's probably one which is caused by xsane and/or the suld driver (because otherwise there will be way more people than me complaining about this over the net... :)).

Any idea about how to fix / work around this?

FWIW, I've updated the firmware to the printer/scanner firmware to the latest version available on the website, but unfortunately it didn't help.

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