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Scanner Server (Scan to PC) / [SOLVED] CPU Usage & Scanning Speed
« on: December 22, 2014, 02:16:18 »
Hi everyone,

I have the sSS (0.4.5 from repo) running on a headless Ubuntu (14.04 Trusty) Server. It works well in general, when looking closer I have 2 issues:

1) When running, the ScannerServer generates a constant CPU load of about 5-10% (on an ASUS C60M1-I Mainboard /w dual core AMD C60 1GHz). Even if this mainboard is not exactly a screamer, this looks a bit much to me, considering that the scanner server does not do much until a scan job is triggered. Right? Does someone of you have an idea what might cause this?

2) I noticed, that while scanning from the ADF works, the next page is only pulled into the feeder after the last page was written to disk. This again takes quite a bit of time, which might be caused because the image transfer from the scanner to the server seems quite slow. This seems not to be a limitation by the scanner - scanning to an iPad is 5 times faster. (Scanning the same 5 pages (300dpi multipage pdf) took 155 sec to the linux server compared to 31 sec to the iPad). Might this have to do with how the image data is piped through? Would it be possible to eliminate 'wait states' in the program run?


Scanner Server (Scan to PC) / Success: M2885FW
« on: December 17, 2014, 18:58:33 »
Hi everyone,

after being not so confident at first if this would work, since there was low activity on this project recently, and there was not much information on behalf of Samsung if this printer (M2885FW) was supported using a more recent Version than Ubuntu 11.04, the CLX and SLX printers seem to be more common, not even thinking about a chance to use the Scan To PC feature under Linux at all,  I gave it a shot.

To make it short: The samsungScannerServer here works almost flawlessly so far (it entirely fulfills my needs to scan a receipt or something alike without firing up a pc), using the latest package from the repository as of today, combined with the original Samsung drivers (Printing & Scan Driver V1.00.29).

Only hiccups:
-  I had to change the 'SERVER_NAME' in /etc/samsungScannerServer.conf to the IP of my Ubuntu server (I suppose this results from an issue /w name resolution on my side)
- after restarting the service (sudo service samsungScannerServer restart), e.g. after changing options in sSS.conf, it sometimes took a second attempt to launch a scan from the device.

Great little piece of software. Can't contribute much more than this review, but still I wanted to write these lines since the SL-M series by Samsung seem not to be too much discussed.

Thanks again.

PS: Hint: If you buy e.g. a M2885FW (in Germany) now, you can receive a Galaxy Tab 7" for free.... which makes it a decent ADF-featured, duplex, fax-capable, Wi-Fi and ethernet-equipped laser printer for an attractive price. (No, I'm not affiliated with Samsung, so no guarantees).

PPS: General advice: This thing is slow via network. 100dpi grayscale: 15sec, 300dpi color: 75sec per scan. But: this is not significantly slower than scanning to an iPad (/w the Samsung app).

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