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I'm back. I installed the Ubuntu 12:04 64 bit. everything is fine.
Please give me some advises because I don't wan to be wrong. There are to many packages. I don't know also how to do that: "Download that package directly (, and then extract it as an archive (do not try to install it).  In a terminal, navigate to the folder you extracted into, and then" from your previous post.
Can you give me step by step please.
Thank you very much!

Yes, you right. You can Sync everything.

Why sign in to Chrome
With Chrome's sign-in feature, you no longer need to fret about your bookmarks or apps being "stuck" on one computer. When you sign in to the Chrome browser or a Chrome device, your bookmarks, extensions, apps, theme, and other browser preferences are saved and synced to your Google Account. You can then load these settings anytime you use Chrome on other computers and devices.
Thank you!

Thank you for advice. I was thinking to go all the way in new Ubuntu. All the time is good to have the last update system. But for the moment I have many Bookmarks in Chromium browser because I work at a project. Do you know how I can save it and use it again after a new Ubuntu installation?
Have a nice day!

I have done point number 1. "Uninstal all packages that begin with samsungmfp in the Software Center. Then install samsungmfp-configurator-qt4 and samsungmfp-scanner-sane-fix."

Doesn't work.

I will wait with number 2. "updating your system to Ubuntu 12.04" because my Ubuntu 11.10 is working well and I have some history in chromium browser bookmark for my job. Contacts, prospects and so on. I don't want to loose the bookmark.

I have done what you sad and doesn't work.
The Simple scanner sad there is no scanner.
The Samsung Unified is not at place. I cant find it in the program list at all. But in Ubuntu Software Center I can see there are some Samsung Unified drivers installed.

For the moment I didn't know what I have and what not in my computer. I install and uninstall many packages from so many guys on the internet, including you, in last days.

Today I installed again the Drivers alone following some forum advice. The Samsung Unified Configurator appears, but it doesn't find my scanner. The Simple Scan can't see it to.

I can tray from the beginning, please. Can we go to IRC Chat in #ubuntu to talk?
Thank you very much!

And now the printer is not working to. Yesterday was OK. Today after so many updates something happened.
That is why I uninstall all the samsungmfp-driver installed today, after a few hours of work.
Now is working, but what about the scanner. I have to send some documents by Internet.

Samsung SCX-4100 Laser Multifunction - The scanner doesn't work in Ubuntu 11.10
I read and done all from your site. The drivers are installed and configured and they do not appear with sane-find-scanner.
The scanner worked a few mounts ago after a few days of working to install it.

But for a wile the Update Manager can't succeed with
It sad that is not recognized, trusted source or something like that.
For the moment seems to work, after a day of installing all kind of pockets in Terminal.

Thank you!

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