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Printing / Nothing at all from ML-1865
« on: October 26, 2013, 04:49:52 »
Printer model: Samsung ML-1865
Distro: Linux Mint 15 (Olivia) and/or Ubuntu 13.04
Connection: USB
Driver: (But have tried and

Good morning. If anyone could shed some light on what I'm doing wrong here I'd be very grateful. I have a Samsung ML-1865 which prints fine in Windows, but refuses to work properly with the Samsung drivers.

Initially, printing a test page using the supplied driver (I think for the ML-1600) prints out an error message saying "INTERNAL ERROR - Please use the proper driver.", so presumably the connection is fine.

I have never used a download from the Samsung website in Linux, using just the SULDR repository, but am getting nowhere.

After installing the SULDR driver, the printer is correctly detected in "Add Printers" as a ML-1860-series, which is fine, and the driver installs successfully. But when printing a test page, nothing at all happens. It's "Processing", then "Idle", then nothing happens. No blinking lights, nothing at all. The page just vanishes. The same thing happens for "Print a self-test page".

I've tried with all the series-4 drivers, since apparently the version of CUPS with Ubuntu doesn't play nice with series-3 drivers, and they all produce exactly the same result. Detected, but nothing happens.

I've tried with the USBFix and without. I've tried using the command line line-printer - that also apparently prints but nothing happens on the printer. I've used the Samsung Configurator, which just crashes when I press "Add Printer" , and tried using the standard system Printer config.

So now I'm stumped. The same things happen in both Ubuntu and Linux Mint on two different machines (I know they're related, but thought it'd be worth a try in case I'd messed up some configuration somewhere) but the printer works fine and prints out a test page if you press the button on the printer. It's just that it's always detected fine, but print jobs just vanish into the ether.

Printing out plain text using the command-line doesn't clear it, or indeed do anything, and turning the printer off and on doesn't do anything either. It just sits there waiting for a print job.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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