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Yes, I have just tried it but the result is the same. However it seems that the problem is only present if I choose xerox_mfp:libusb.
If I select smfp: upon XSane startup I am able to scan with the flatbed scanner but there is no ADF option.

I have also reported the issue to samsung support. They suggested to get the device repaired, but it is more likely a driver or firmware issue I guess.


The exact same error happens with Samsung Xpress M2885FW. I have installed the following components:

Unpacking samsungmfp-scanner (2:2) ...
Beállítás: suld-network-2 (4.01.17-1) ...
Beállítás: suld-driver-common-1 (1-7) ...
Beállítás: suld-ppd-2 (4.01.17-3) ...
Beállítás: suld-driver-4.01.17 (4.01.17-3) ...
Beállítás: samsungmfp-scanner (2:2) ...

The scanner is connected to the computer via USB so it is not related to the network configuration. If using the scanning process starts and about half of the page the device restarts itself with the same error message:
  PCS_Parser.c 20
   34 CPCS
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