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For Samsung devices that have an ADF, choosing whether to scan from that or from flatbed should either be done automatically (if the ADF is empty, use flatbed) or at least the user should be able to configure this in a profile. I have implemented the latter; if desired, please incorporate this in the suld-scantopc package.

1. Patch your /usr/bin/
---        2017-05-28 14:38:44.380068831 +0200
+++     2017-05-28 15:17:51.836519508 +0200
@@ -477,6 +477,8 @@
     print("DPI: "+str(dpi))
     print("SIZE: "+size)
+    source=user_selection["source"]
+    print("SOURCE: " + source)
     #Initialize scan
@@ -486,6 +488,8 @@
         s.mode = mode
         s.resolution = dpi
         s.page_format = size #t-k: bugfix page_format is correct (not page-format)
+        s.doc_source = source
         imgs = s.multi_scan()
         return imgs, s

2. Check your device options:

scanimage -A

It should say something like

  Scan Area:
    --doc-source Flatbed|ADF Simplex [Flatbed]
        Select source of the document to be scanned

3. Edit your /etc/samsungScannerServer.conf accordingly by adding the new "source" entry with the above values.

For example:

    {'name':'Gray ADF 200 PDF','color':'COLOR_GRAY','resolution':'DPI_200','format':'FORMAT_M_PDF','size':'SIZE_A4','source':'ADF Simplex','output':OUTPUT_PREFIX, 'filters':[]},
    {'name':'Gray Flatbed 200 PDF','color':'COLOR_GRAY','resolution':'DPI_200','format':'FORMAT_M_PDF','size':'SIZE_A4','source':'Flatbed','output':OUTPUT_PREFIX, 'filters':[]},
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