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Hi gyus,

I've got a Xerox Workcentre 3025BI. Unfortunately Xerox driver for linux did not work un my Linux Mint (Based on Ubuntu 16.04).
Since I found this printer is just rebranded Samsung M2070, I installed driver V1.00.37 from samsung website (driver from SULDR V1.00.36 does not work for scanning). And it just works for printing and scanning over network.

URL to Samsungs website:

Only thing is not working. Simple-scan utility can't find scanner on network automatically like I believe it should (it worked with previous printer from HP). Any ideas how to get this working?

Now I used quick-fix by editing Exec line of ~/.local/share/applications/simple-scan.desktop:

Exec=simple-scan "smfp:net;[STATIC_IP_OF_PRINTER]"

It works now. But would be nice if it could work better.
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