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I suspect this is a problem with CUPS rather than the printer driver.  You might try investigating if there CUPS bugs about this one or report it through Launchpad.
Is it just the smartpanel that fails?  My first guess is that the 64-bit version is incorrectly compiled, which you won't be able to fix.  That type of error has happened before with the files Samsung distributes, and I have no experience working with the smartpanel.
Printing / Re: M4020 and halftones
October 25, 2015, 22:17:02
Thanks for sharing and pointing out the linking issue.  I will post updated packages when I have a chance, probably in a week or so, that address the file location issues, and I will note your experiences with this printer.
Scanning / Re: Netdiscovery not working
October 21, 2015, 22:38:42
Quote from: Simo on October 21, 2015, 04:55:00
Even if the file netdiscovery is now in /opt/Samsung/mfp/bin-folder, it can not be recognized (no command found).

/opt is probably not in your path, which is why netdiscovery would report no command found.  That is normal, as the command is called by other driver components by the full path.  You should be able to get netdiscovery output if you execute "/opt/Samsung/mfp/bin/netdiscovery" instead of just "netdiscovery".

Quote from: Simo on October 21, 2015, 04:55:00
Could this also be the reason to that the network scanner can not be found and the Samsung Unified Driver Configurator crashes when trying to add a printer or a scanner. (The printer installation worked with Ubuntu System Settings.)

I don't think so.  A crashing Configurator sounds like a separate problem.  But the Configurator is not necessary if you have the printer working with the system settings approach.

Quote from: Simo on October 21, 2015, 04:55:00
(Should there be a file smfpnetdiscovery in folder /usr/lib/cups/backend?)

No, that is only for the driver2 versions.  You could try one of those versions, though.

Quote from: Simo on October 21, 2015, 04:55:00
The CUPS could not either find any network printers.
How could I fix this problem?

I'm confused by your statement that no network printers are found, because you started off by saying the printer worked.  However, the simplest thing is to try a different printer driver version.
Success Stories / Re: Dell b1165nfw works
September 24, 2015, 05:36:57
Thanks for sharing.  I will include this printer's information into the repository when I next do an update.
It seems that scanning with this printer is a problem for multiple people, without an obvious solution.  I suggest either investigating SANE issues or contacting Samsung, as it doesn't seem to be solved by any of the usual solutions.
Printing / Re: Xpress M2070 prints SPL ERROR
September 12, 2015, 09:31:42
CUPS 1.5.3 seems to consistently have problems with the Samsung drivers.  You may just want to update your CUPS version.

You could also try driver version 1.00.29.  Some people have reported that 1.00.35 causing printing errors, but there is no pattern I can see.
You might want to see if there are similar issues with SANE detection for Mint/Ubuntu of other (non-Samsung) scanners - this may not be an issue specific to the driver.

Unfortunately I don't have any suggestions for you.
Quote from: lister171254 on September 12, 2015, 02:56:58
Is there some info I can look up as to what other (config) files are needed for the scanner or what the sequence of events is when it tries to find a scanner and the reasons for not finding it?

You would need to look at information specific to SANE to find out anything more than is available here.  This is pretty much the only Samsung-specific resource.

Unfortunately, I don't have any additional suggestions.  I suspect it is not directly related to the Samsung driver, though, so perhaps you would have more luck by interacting with the SANE support (possibly via Ubuntu's system).
Try one of the older driver2 versions, such as 1.00.29.  I've seen a few reports that 1.00.35 may not work correctly with some printers.
Printing / Re: Printer spools but does not print
August 05, 2015, 10:26:02
I don't know for certain either - it appears that OMV is treating it as a local device, and somehow handling the network aspect separately.  I've never used OMV so don't know what it is doing internally to share devices.  You might have a better time sorting it out by seeing how a remote computer views the printer.
Printing / Re: Printer spools but does not print
August 05, 2015, 10:13:40
I'm assuming from your description that you have the printer set up using IPP.  If so, trying LPD instead might help.  Otherwise my best guess is to try a different driver version.
I'm not sure why the Configurator is not listing drivers.  If you are not running Configurator as the root user, that may be the problem.  Otherwise, have you tried adding the printer through the usual Ubuntu interface?  If you also can't see drivers through that interface, then the problem is not specific to the Configurator and you should seek help from the Ubuntu community.  If you can see drivers through the Ubuntu interface but for some reason can't add the printer, please report back with what you see.
If the Configurator detects your printer, you should be able install it there.  Once it is installed, regardless of how you do it, it should be accessible everywhere.  If that is not the case, please provide additional detail.
Done - it is now listed with the other versions.
Quote from: thesame on July 08, 2015, 16:30:58
The only version of Unified Driver that works with my SCX-4100 is this: I can't find anything close to it in the suldr.

This is actually driver-3.00.71, so it is similar to 3.00.65 and 3.00.90.  It is identical in all but one very minor respect to one of those two versions, but I don't remember which one at the moment.  Several people reported that it was buggy and Samsung did not provide that version for very long.  So all of those factors are why I skipped over that version.

If neither 3.00.65 nor 3.00.90 works, but this version does, I can provide it as an option.  I probably won't create repository files for it, though, as nearly all repository users are using much more recent versions.
Printing / Re: Samsung scx 4521F
July 08, 2015, 06:08:37
The first thing to try would be a different version of the driver/installer, or to install using the repository.  Instructions for both are provided on the web pages.
Should be fixed now.
Printing / Re: SCX-5315F "Filter failed"
May 13, 2015, 22:09:27
The only other idea I can offer is to try with the 3.00.65 driver.

If that also fails in the combinations you have tried, it may be that this printer is only supported by the Windows driver.  A few Samsung printers seem to have this issue.
Printing / Re: SCX-5315F "Filter failed"
May 12, 2015, 20:58:47
I think this printer is similar to the SCX-5312F.  Have you tried adding your printer as a 5312F and seeing if it works?
Samsung does not seem interested in supporting the Raspberry Pi or equivalent hardware.  There is support only for older-type Arm-based hardware, and even that has been dropped with the latest driver.  I suggest contacting Samsung and letting them know that you would like to see such a driver; if enough individuals tell them this, they may respond.
Announcements / Driver2 v1.00.35 available
May 02, 2015, 12:04:53
I have added packages for the latest Samsung driver, driver2-1.00.35.  This was released by Samsung in March, and seems to provide a lot of ppd adjustments that may fix minor issues (although I have tested anything) with a range of printers.

There was no ARM driver version provided for this version.  I don't know if this is a fluke, a mistake, or if Samsung no longer intends to provide ARM drivers.
Scanning / Re: Scanner Samsung SCX-4216F
December 20, 2014, 09:28:52
You need to provide more information.  Do  you have the Samsung drivers installed?  This printer may work even without them.  Have you tried any of the troubleshooting suggestions on the website?  This is a common printer, and there are also several forum posts about it.  Do you get any error messages?
Not unless you change the distribution.  On most devices it is possible to run an armel distribution by wiping what is currently installed and starting over.  But I haven't tried with any Raspberry Pi.
Printing / Re: M3320ND syntaxerror
December 12, 2014, 21:57:19
I don't know why the difference.  But as mentioned on the website, for most people these packages aren't necessary as long as the printer works with the newest drivers that have a reasonable install system (unlike all the older ones).
Quote from: Deteklover on December 12, 2014, 04:12:11
Here is the apt error :
W: Impossible de récupérer  Impossible de trouver l'entrée « extra/binary-armhf/Packages » attendue dans le fichier « Release » :  ligne non valable dans sources.list ou fichier corrompu

ARM-HF architecture is not provided by Samsung.  So although there is an "arm" driver, it does not actually work with most modern arm systems.  Only "armel" works.
If you uninstalled suld-parallel, the script should be gone.  But if not, it is /etc/init.d/ .

You can try re-installing the 4.00.35 driver, but without the parallel piece.  It should not automatically get pulled in.  It's also possible that the script was actually left over from your attempt to install directly from the Samsung download - it may not have been correctly purged when that was removed, their uninstall often misses pieces.  Either way, the issue you have been experiencing should not happen again.
Try running the apt-get command again - it looks like it set up ppp this time, so you should be able to get normal output (except possibly the LSB warning) next.
Manually remove the K##smfpd and S##smfpd files in /etc/rc#.d/ .  That will at least cut smfpd out of the loop, and hopefully stop it.  That is what update-rc.d is supposed to do; I have no idea why a "remove" command is triggering the dependency analysis it seems to be performing.

The actual errors (LSB tags and overrides) are not important.  The LSB tags are actually present in the file.
Printing / Re: M3320ND syntaxerror
December 07, 2014, 10:38:03
Quote from: WoodLark on December 07, 2014, 09:31:12
Obviously, there is still something strange going on.   

Actually, that would be perfectly normal behavior for my printer, except the errors are different.  I've never managed to print anything that large and have never been able to isolate the problem.  I just end up printing very large documents in moderate-sized chunks.  I don't know if it's a poor driver, a printer memory issue, or just some quirky hardware issues.  Based on the lack of issues most people report when trying from Windows (including my own printer, though it's been many years since I tried that), it probably is just that the Linux driver really isn't all that good.

So while it may be possible to solve this for your particular printer, I don't have any other obvious suggestions for you to try.
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