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Try this (all as root):
1. update-rc.d smfpd remove

2. edit /etc/init.d/, replacing all the text with just this:
exit 0

3. update-rc.d smfpd defaults

Then try again.  Whatever the source of the problem is, this will prevent smfpd from doing anything and so should avoid triggering the problem.

If that fails, you may need to try uninstalling the other conflicting package temporarily, then re-installing them after removing suld-parallel.  It's not obvious to me in the latest output if the issue is ppp or clam-av (or some combination or just something they depend on), but I would start with one of those.
Do you actually have the printer connected by a parallel cable?  If not, the solution is just to uninstall suld-parallel, as you don't need it.

I think the issue is actually in the ppp package, which must have some strange dependency chain in its startup scripts that is being exposed by the Samsung parallel server startup script.  If you really need both parallel support for your printer and the ppp package, the solution is probably:
1. uninstall suld-parallel
2. extract out the script from the suld-parallel package
3. modify "$network" to be "$all" (I think) in the two places it appears within that script
4. place the script in /etc/init.d
5. update-rc.d defaults (as root)
6. /etc/init.d/ start (as root)
Printing / Re: M3320ND syntaxerror
December 06, 2014, 21:50:14
Have you tried one of the new drivers (driver2)?
Squeeze should not be a problem for driver versions "3.x".  Versions "4.x" might work.  "Driver2" versions will not work, and repackaging won't help.

Lenny may work with the version "3.x" drivers.

The "source" files are the Samsung files provided here: .  I just shuffle the files around and create packages, adding dependencies based on what I can work out from the binaries provided.  So repackaging probably isn't going to be useful to you.

If you are referring specifically to the scanner-server files, the packages are the source, because the files are python scripts.  So if you need to change the distribution format, you can just extract them out.  I have no idea if any will work with Squeeze or Lenny.
I suggest trying one of the driver2 versions to see if you have any better success.  Otherwise, there have been various reports of issues with newer SANE versions.  Perhaps a distribution update or filing a bug report there will generate something useful.
Scanning / Re: SCX-3405FW fails to scan over network
November 29, 2014, 10:47:07
Quote from: travsback on November 05, 2014, 11:23:12
Have there been any developments on this front?

None that I am aware of.
This sounds more like an issue with SANE than with the driver.  Perhaps filing a bug report with that project (or through your distribution) will generate a useful response.
Printing / Re: SCX-3405F unable to print
November 29, 2014, 10:34:05
This printer should, in theory, work with 4.01.17 and also the driver2 versions.  You may want to try some of those if you haven't already.
Printing / Re: SCX-3405w almost never prints
November 29, 2014, 10:33:04
My only suggestion is to try one of the driver2 versions, if you haven't already done so.
I have uploaded packages for two new versions of the driver, 1.00.27 and 1.00.29.  I have also updated updates to 1.00.06 and 1.00.21 that may address some issues.  No testing has been performed.
Printing / Re: New Linux drivers version V1.00.27.04
September 12, 2014, 05:52:25
You are correct, thanks.  I will package this as soon as I have time, but that is unlikely to be soon.
Which package did you download from Samsung?  Directly or from this website?  If you downloaded directly, was it from the Samsung site associated with your country?
Printing / Re: ML-1675 and "Missing Driver" error
August 16, 2014, 11:31:59
This appears to be a bug with a few printers with the latest version of the driver.  Samsung eliminated that driver file but did not remove all references to in some of the printer instructions.  Your best option is to try one of the older drivers.
As far as I can tell, nobody is providing a sane-backends or equivalent package for that type of device.  You might be able to compile it from source, but I have no personal experience that would be helpful to you.
You can try posting in the development thread to see if the original developers of the scripts can help.  I can see where the problem is, but don't have a device with which I could test any fix (and honestly don't have time to debug it even if I did).
SANE is probably available as a package (such as "libsane") through your package manager, if by "device" you mean some sort of computer.

If you mean something like an Android device, I'm not sure whether or not SANE works.
Printing / Re: Samsung SCX 4521F on Debian 7
July 24, 2014, 07:15:55
This sounds like it could be a bug in CUPS rather than the Samsung driver.  The only way I can think to test that is to have another printer (different brand or model) and try that.

Or perhaps there is some odd communication error with your particular printer.  This model has been reported to work multiple times in the past.

Sorry I can't provide a specific solution.
General Discussion / Re: SLP driver for C460
June 28, 2014, 17:03:40
Samsung presumably could create an SPL driver if they felt the need.  Since they didn't, I'm assuming they won't - some of their printers simply use PS.

It may be possible to modify the PPD as you describe to utilize the SPL driver, but I have no experience with that.  I have modified PPDs in the past, but never to the degree you are describing, and even then only with mixed success.

This is not to discourage you, but just to point out that there isn't an easy solution.
It looks like a typo.  You have "extras" where it should be "extra" (no "s").
Quote from: mysticturner on June 12, 2014, 20:30:18
I still do not have the 'scan from the printer keys' working.  I'll keep working on that and update.  Also I've not noticed a noob level set of instructions on how to setup the repository.

The suld-scantopc packages (scanner server) were written for this purpose.  They are still a work in progress, but if you don't have immediate success you can post to the corresponding forum board for assistance.  (I just provide those packages, I don't maintain the actual scripts involved.)

Quote from: mysticturner on June 12, 2014, 20:30:18
I'm willing to write a how to from the perspective of someone who's never worked with APT, describing my journey.  Any comments as to where I should put such a post?

If you are interested in doing so, the "Using the Repository" board would be appropriate and most likely to be seen by anyone looking for such information.  And maybe one of the Ubuntu Forums or some other forum, but I don't keep track of any of those any more so can't say for certain.
Scanning / Re: CLX-4195FN and SULD
June 08, 2014, 16:14:08
The netdiscovery component is installed with the suld-network-2 package, which should have been pulled in when you installed the driver.  If not, you should manually install it.  If it is missing, adding it may solve your problem with no further work.

On the other hand, if it is present, I'm not sure what to say other than there have been several recent reports of inability to detect network scanners following system updates.  Obviously something has recently changed in a non-MFP package that is breaking the MFP detection behavior.  However, nobody has successfully identified what it is or reported that they have filed a bug with their distro that might address the matter.  I do not have the means to test this particular behavior.
I suspect that something, perhaps the SANE version, that changed from 13.10 to 14.04 is the actual problem.  However, the latest drivers ("driver2") use a different set of Samsung libraries, and perhaps that will resolve the problem.

If not, I suggest filing a bug with Ubuntu or the SANE project, because a change there appears to be at fault.  Otherwise, I'm sorry but I do not have any other ideas.
Only armel files are provided by Samsung at this point.  I know that most Linux systems are actually using armhf, so your best approach is to contact Samsung and ask them to provide armhf drivers as well.  Your only other choice is to switch to armel (which armhf hardware supports), but all I know about the process is that it is possible - I do not own any arm-based devices.
There probably isn't a solution to this.  The Configurator has not been updated significantly in several years, and with Samsung's decision to discontinue it entirely a year ago I suspect any limitations just have to be accepted.
Have you tried a different program - such as xsane if you are using the Configurator, or vice versa?
Printing / Re: No Colorprinting
May 15, 2014, 12:42:10
I'm assuming that you don't have any setting that says "print grayscale" or the equivalent selected anywhere.

You could try a different driver that doesn't match the printer model - sometimes this works.  Perhaps one of the other CLX-6xxx models?
This sounds like something that should perhaps be filed as a bug with the SANE project, or at least posted in a forum more focused on that project in particular.  What you are describing sounds like a bug in one of the libraries - possibly only for Samsung devices, but still a bug in that project.
I have posted packages for the 1.00.21 driver (driver2-1.00.21), which Samsung released in March.  I have performed zero testing on these packages.
I've moved the topic so that you might get better visibility to people who can help you.
I am about to post slightly modified versions of these packages, which may address your problem.
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