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Quote from: angelnu on May 18, 2013, 08:41:48
One small issue: the package update just start the service instead of doing a restart. So after the upgrade the old daemon keeps running.

I'll fix that.

Quote from: angelnu on May 18, 2013, 08:41:48
Another problem I found is that at least with my scanner I have to use suld-driver-4.00.39. With suld-driver-4.01.17 the multi-page scan does not work: the scanner does not use the document feeder and instead just scans the page inside the scanner.

If all the driver versions worked correctly, I would not need to package 7 versions....  But 4.01.17 in particular involved lots of changes, so I'm not entirely surprised it appears to quite full of bugs.  It's particularly unfortunate that I cannot even do basic testing on it because of Samsung's decision to drop support for my printer.  My general policy when they make major changes like that is to wait for the second version before I package, but in this case there doesn't seem to be a second version coming any time soon and there are several printers that otherwise would have no working driver.
Printing / Re: SCX-4729FD
May 17, 2013, 23:04:24
Odd.  There is a setting for duplex in the ppd instruction file for the printer, and if it weren't a valid option then you wouldn't be able to set it when you printed.  But there must be some minor error in the ppd file that prevents duplex from appearing during configuration.  I suppose you could edit the ppd file manually to set the default to long edge duplex instead of single sided; I don't see any other obvious solution (except of course just accepting the nuisance of setting it each time you print).
Printing / Re: SCX-4729FD
May 17, 2013, 07:16:34
For the duplex issue, either use a tool other than the Configurator to set up the printer, or switch to a different version of the Configurator.  configurator-2-qt4 seems to have problems with adding and configuring printers.
The version of the configurator binaries in configurator-2-qt4 seem to have a couple of bugs related to the addprinter routine (going back a couple of prior releases as well).  You can try configurator-1-qt4 or configurator-2-qt3, or just use another tool to add the printer; the configurator is not really necessary.
Printing / Re: SCX-4729FD
May 15, 2013, 21:32:08
Quote from: johnaaronrose on May 15, 2013, 05:46:11
I made a mistake for the workaround details in the last paragraph. I did find a 472x printer but it then gave me a popup with title of "CUPS Server Error" with details of "There was an error during the CUPS operation: 'client-error-not-possible'".

This is generally caused by a network configuration issue, or not having appropriate client software for sharing (e.g., if your router is using SAMBA to share, you need smb-client installed).  It should not an issue with the driver.

As to your attempt to share the USB connection via IPP, Samsung printers routinely have issues with IPP; I'm not sure if the SCX-4729 is one of those or not.
The package is up.  Let me know of any issues and/or updates.
Announcements / Re: Possible site outage
May 14, 2013, 22:39:33
If you can read this, the outage risk is over.
Announcements / Possible site outage
May 12, 2013, 22:35:33
I will be changing web hosts this week.  As a result, there is the possibility that this site will be down for a day or two, or that you may have trouble accessing it as the registration changes propogate through the internet.
Am I correct in assuming that the 0.4.0 version is still compatible with Python 2.7?

If so, I can go ahead and put together a package based on this.  When the revised pillow reaches distributions (probably with the 13.10 release for Ubuntu), a package can be released without your current workaround.  And when the remaining dependencies are available for python 3, a python 3 version can be released.

Does all that sound like I'm correctly understanding the situation?
I cannot reproduce this problem at all (empty printer selection box).

However, the Configurator (and in particular printeradd) seem to be highly temperamental, and the behavior seems to vary considerable from one computer to another.  Perhaps due to conflicts with other libraries, but I can't identify anything specific.
Thanks.  I'll incorporate this into the package and plan to release this weekend.

PIL has not had a release in 4 years, and it's not clear when or if there will be another.  Debian experimental has the pillow (PIL fork) versions of the packages that theoretically support python 3, and/or may solve the segmentation fault problems in 13.04, should you feel like trying those packages.
There's something more subtle wrong with the Configurator; I'm working on trying to track it down.
Can you add the printer using the standard KDE or CUPS interface instead of the Configurator?
An updated version has been released that addresses at least one bug, and should resolve inability to print errors.
Excellent catch, thanks for sharing.  I have uploaded a revised package for that version that fixes the problem.
pstospl is strictly a 4.01.17 file.  You may need to delete the printer and set it up again to reset the configuration to use 4.00.39 correctly.

Alternatively, I have just uploaded a revised 4.01.17 package that may solve your problem with that version.
Have you tried an older driver (e.g., 4.00.39) and/or the older configurator?
All those errors are "normal" (as in, they always appear regardless of whether the printer works or not).

Can either of you provide any more specific information?  Information about both exactly what you do or don't see, what was working before (if anything), whether you've tried to add the printer through an interface other than the Configurator, and whether you are using 32-bit or 64-bit would be useful.
You are correct that the -320 driver is the Samsung one, and the -325 is foomatic.

However, if neither works, it may be an issue that has nothing to do with the driver itself.  You can try the 4.00.35 version, but you may want to first try to make sure that your computer can even see the printer (ping or similar), and that there aren't any configuration issues with the printer itself.

It's also possible that it's a CUPS issue with the new Ubuntu release, but that's harder to check.
The old files are still available for manual download and installation:

Look in the "s", "libs", and "libt" folders for the previous .debs to download.  The new ones are in the "sa", "su", and "lib" folders.
Then you can use "sudo dpkg -i *.deb" whereever you have downloaded the packages to install the old ones (you should probably remove the new ones first).
I'm not sure what you mean by "setting the printer up."  If you are getting some sort of error or specific problem, please share.

You can also try a lower driver version - I am not sure how reliable the 4.01.17 drivers actually are.
Here's a pass at repackaging.  Since I can't actually test that they completely work, I'm posting here first for testing.  Please let me know whether or not these packages are fully functional.  Once confirmed, I will add to the repository.

I could not determine any explicit reason to depend on the Configurator instead of just the driver, so I modified that dependency to the driver.
GUI depends on sudo.
Other names updated to match new format.

Names use suld- instead of samsungmfp-.
Program names more consistently use "samsungScannerServer" style instead of that mixed with "scannerServer" (I think I fixed the necessary references in config files, the desktop file, and the python scripts).
Files moved from /opt/ to /bin/.

Init scripts:
Standard Debian handling of init scripts for scantopc with postinst/prerm/postinst scripts.
Based on everything that you have tried, it sounds like it might well be a hardware issue, or perhaps some setting within the printer itself (I have no idea what controls might be relevant on that model).  You could try working through all the different driver versions available in the repository to see if you get lucky with one, but I would not be optimistic.  Given that the Windows driver support is much better, failing there is a particularly bad sign.
An update: with all the other repository changes I have just finished making, I have not yet had time to deal with this package.  I will have to make some minor changes to align it with the new structure I'm using for the other packages, but it looks like no big deal.  I'll post when they are available, certainly within the next few days.
I missed beating the Debian Wheezy release by a couple of hours, but the new packages are now available.
New packages are now available.
If you still want to get it working directly, you can try the updated packages just released to the repository.
Please let me know if the packages from today's update continue to have this problem.
suld-driver-4.01.17-1 is now available for anyone who wants to try the latest from Samsung.  However, note that several printers are no longer supported by this release.

Note that I cannot verify that this version of the driver works on even a basic level - my printer is one of those for which support was dropped.
The repository and website have both received a major overhaul, including a renaming and restructuring of all repository packages.  You can find the most important details here:

Except for the confusion that will likely result from the renaming, the repository changes should be seamless for most users.  The motivation was to clean up some of the complications that have developed over the past couple of years and create a structure that will be easier to maintain and update (meaning I can be more reponsive to issues as they develop instead of waiting for several to accumulate).  The changes should also address many scattered issues leading to some users having to apply various manual hacks or to need older versions of packages.  Finally, I expect that not only will this structure work as well or better for everyone, but that future updates will also be less likely to cause issues.

Please post here or in the appropriate forum if you encounter problems with the updates.  The website will continue to receive smaller updates over the next few days.
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