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Scanner Server (Scan to PC) / Re: List of working models
« on: August 27, 2013, 03:56:45 »
MODEL                        Samsung Driver             suld-scantopc       STATUS
CLX-3300 Series         suld-driver-4.00.39       0.4.1-2                  OK - Driver 4.01 fails for multipage scan
SCX-4728FD                suld-driver-4.00.39-1   0.4.3-1                  OK - Scantopc 0.4.3-1 requires a few mods according to:

I just tried the proposed solution and it worked like a charm.

Of course I also had to add the following options in the config file:
    {'name':'Gray_PDF-300' ,'color':'COLOR_GRAY','resolution':'DPI_300','format':'FORMAT_PDF','size':'SIZE_A4','output':OUTPUT_PREFIX, 'filters':[]},
    {'name':'Color_PDF-300','color':'COLOR_TRUE','resolution':'DPI_300','format':'FORMAT_PDF','size':'SIZE_A4','output':OUTPUT_PREFIX, 'filters':[]},

It does take more time to scan multiple pages compared to a windows pc, but as I read in another thread this is a different issue.

So I can confirm that with these modifications scan to pc function also works for SCX-4728FD model.

Thank you very much for all the help.

Thanks a lot for the quick responce.

The printer is in my office and I am on vacation from today for two weeks :), so I will give it a try when I get back and post the results.

Btw, you guys are doing a great job supporting samsung printers with your work.


Scanner Server (Scan to PC) / Scan to PC problem with SCX-4728FD
« on: August 09, 2013, 08:45:24 »

I own a Samsung SCX-4728FD multifunction device.

The printer driver worked like a charm, but I am facing some issues with scantopc application.

I installed from the repository which was updated today on my laptop which is running debian 7.0

The function works pretty well when I choose JPEG as the format.

But when I choose PDF format the scan fails to complete and I get the following error in logs:

08-09-13 15:33:21 stdout       INFO     Waiting for user selection ...
08-09-13 15:33:30 stdout       INFO         Got it!
08-09-13 15:33:30 stdout       INFO     Options selected by user: {'name': 'Gray-S_PDF-75', 'format': 'FORMAT_PDF', 'color': 'COLOR_GRAY', 'filters': [], 'output': '${homedir}/Downloads/Scans/SCAN_${date}__${uid}', 'resolution': 'DPI_75', 'size': 'SIZE_A4'}
08-09-13 15:33:30 stdout       INFO     MODE: Grayscale - 256 Levels
08-09-13 15:33:30 stdout       INFO     DPI: 75
08-09-13 15:33:30 stdout       INFO     SIZE: A4 - 210x297 mm
08-09-13 15:33:30 stdout       INFO     Scanning ...
08-09-13 15:33:45 stderr       INFO     Whoops! Problem scanning (maybe version Samsung device driver >= 4.1 and multi-scan?):
08-09-13 15:33:45 stderr       INFO     Traceback (most recent call last):
08-09-13 15:33:45 stderr       INFO       File "/usr/bin/", line 466, in scanAndSave
08-09-13 15:33:45 stderr       INFO         fileName=baseFileName+'.'+EXTENSIONS[user_selection["format"]] #t-k: seperate baseFileName
08-09-13 15:33:45 stderr       INFO     KeyError: 'FORMAT_PDF'
08-09-13 15:33:48 stdout       INFO     Waiting for scan job ...

Similar log errors for every available PDF options.

My config is:

##  Config file for the samsung scanner server

## Change to True after adapting your settings (False otherwise)

## t-k: change to True if you want to use the modified classes of the sane module and TCP/UDP
##      proxies which were optimized for CLX-3305W multipage scanning support (False otherwise)
## t-k: debug level of proxies: 0 = nothing at all, 1 = very light, 2 = a bit more, 3 = every package
## t-k: if you aim to use more than one server at a time with your scanner change to False

## t-k: now possible to comment out everything before OUTPUT_PREFIX for automatic configuration
##      (this takes longer for SCANNER_SANE_NAME)

##  SANE name of the scanner
##  Find with "scanimage -L" or comment out to use the first detected SAMSUNG scanner
#SCANNER_SANE_NAME='smfp:SAMSUNG CLX-3300 Series on'

## Name to display in the scanner screen, defaults to hostname of server running machine

## t-k: Linux username and/or userid (uid) of the future owner of scan files
#OWNER_UID=1000 ## t-k: defaults to 1000 (e.g. first ubuntu user)

## By default files are saved to ~/Scans/. If something else is wanted change in OUTPUT_PREFIX.
##     ~ is the HOME directory of the 'first' user (the one with uid 1000) (default)
##     or the one by the user given above

## Output file names. #t-k folder doesn't have to exist (is now created automatically)
OUTPUT_PREFIX='${homedir}/Downloads/Scans/SCAN_${date}__${uid}' ## t-k: automatic home dir, uid zero padded

##  Contrast filter used in OPTIONS
##  The filter functions receive a python image object and return a modified one
##  For more details:
def contrastFilter(im):
    ## Filter the 10% bridgest and darkest colors
    return ImageOps.autocontrast(im,10)

## Options to offer in the scanner -> check <scanner IP>/DPI/cap.xml or <scanner IP>/IDS/CAP.XML
    {'name':'Gray-M_PDF-300' ,'color':'COLOR_GRAY','resolution':'DPI_300','format':'FORMAT_M_PDF','size':'SIZE_A4','output':OUTPUT_PREFIX, 'filters':[]},
    {'name':'Color-M_PDF-300','color':'COLOR_TRUE','resolution':'DPI_300','format':'FORMAT_M_PDF','size':'SIZE_A4','output':OUTPUT_PREFIX, 'filters':[]},
    {'name':'Gray-JPEG-300'  ,'color':'COLOR_GRAY','resolution':'DPI_300','format':'FORMAT_JPEG' ,'size':'SIZE_A4','output':OUTPUT_PREFIX, 'filters':[]},
    {'name':'Color-JPEG-300' ,'color':'COLOR_TRUE','resolution':'DPI_300','format':'FORMAT_JPEG' ,'size':'SIZE_A4','output':OUTPUT_PREFIX, 'filters':[]},
    {'name':'Gray-M_PDF-75'  ,'color':'COLOR_GRAY','resolution':'DPI_75' ,'format':'FORMAT_M_PDF','size':'SIZE_A4','output':OUTPUT_PREFIX, 'filters':[]},
    {'name':'Gray-S_PDF-75'  ,'color':'COLOR_GRAY','resolution':'DPI_75' ,'format':'FORMAT_S_PDF','size':'SIZE_A4','output':OUTPUT_PREFIX, 'filters':[]},

## Convertion tables
## t-k: might need some device-specific tweaking (especially SIZE2SANE)
##      see scanimage --help, and look at device options
MODES2SANE={'COLOR_MONO':'Black and White - Line Art', 'COLOR_GRAY':'Grayscale - 256 Levels','COLOR_TRUE':'Color - 16 Million Colors'}
#SIZE2SANE={'SIZE_A4':'A4','SIZE_A5':'A5','SIZE_B5_JIS':'B5 (JIS)','SIZE_EXECUTIVE':'Executive','SIZE_LETTER':'Letter','SIZE_LEGAL':'Legal','SIZE_FOLIO':'Folio'}
SIZE2SANE={'SIZE_A4': 'A4 - 210x297 mm', 'SIZE_A5': 'A5 (Rotated) - 210x148 mm',
           'SIZE_B5_JIS': 'B5 (JIS) - 182x257 mm', 'SIZE_EXECUTIVE': 'Executive - 7.25"x10.5"',
           'SIZE_LETTER': 'Letter - 8.5"x11"'}

## logging settings
LOG_NAME="/var/log/samsungScannerServer.log" ## If commented out then the logging to a file will be dissabled

I tried with the modified sane value set to true but in this case the scan stops earlier with connection issues.

Any ideas would be welcome.

Thank you in advance.

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