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Major repository and website update

Started by bchemnet, May 04, 2013, 21:33:50

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The repository and website have both received a major overhaul, including a renaming and restructuring of all repository packages.  You can find the most important details here:

Except for the confusion that will likely result from the renaming, the repository changes should be seamless for most users.  The motivation was to clean up some of the complications that have developed over the past couple of years and create a structure that will be easier to maintain and update (meaning I can be more reponsive to issues as they develop instead of waiting for several to accumulate).  The changes should also address many scattered issues leading to some users having to apply various manual hacks or to need older versions of packages.  Finally, I expect that not only will this structure work as well or better for everyone, but that future updates will also be less likely to cause issues.

Please post here or in the appropriate forum if you encounter problems with the updates.  The website will continue to receive smaller updates over the next few days.



can you please upload a backup from the old repository ?
I have upgraded the samsungmfp packages to the suld packages and my printer (SCX4729FW) is not working anymore.
I can't add new printers with the 4.00.39 driver and the Samsung Unified Driver Configurator gives me a stacktrace ..
With the 4.01.17 driver i can add new printers but the printer is not printing ..

Sorry i'm very unhappy with the update, with the old samsungmfp packages was everything ok >
Now i have several problems... and i need the printer for my work.

Sorry for my englisch, it's not my native language.

I hope you can give me a backup of the old files or you can set up a second feed..

Best Regards


The old files are still available for manual download and installation:

Look in the "s", "libs", and "libt" folders for the previous .debs to download.  The new ones are in the "sa", "su", and "lib" folders.
Then you can use "sudo dpkg -i *.deb" whereever you have downloaded the packages to install the old ones (you should probably remove the new ones first).


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