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ML-2545 Printer for debian 7.0 (wheezy)

Started by docadams, June 22, 2013, 11:25:50

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O/S:  debian 7.0 (wheezy)
H/W:  amd quad core

I have tired version 4.01.17, 4.00.39, 4.00.36 and 4.00.35

Some give me missing sane, but I have xsane and sane installed, so figure that is because the
file system is different and the installation has the files in different directories.

Get CLP-300 on two others.  I'll have to reinstall to figure out the rev numbers.

The closest I can get to working is 4.00.35.  It shows ML-2540 series, but the driver is for
ML-2550ps and print job is sent to printer, but no response.

If I bring up the Samsung configurator and click on properties I see the 2550ps driver.
The interface shows there is a ML-2540series driver but there seems to be no way to
click on it and have the system swap out the 2550 and put the 2540 in.

Any one gotten this beast to work under debian 7.0??   Help is greatly appreciated.



I'm not sure I understand the problem.  Is a printer being automatically configured?  If you set up the printer yourself, you should be able to select the appropriate driver.

I'm also not sure what you mean about missing sane - is there a specific error message you get?


Sorry that I slaughtered the description of the problem.

When I use the latest version of the Unified Linux Driver, it installs the printer,
and shows it to be a ML-2540 series printer.  Test page does not print nor does
any lp to printer command printer.

If I bring up the configurator, it shows the ML-2550ps driver as being used for
the printer.  I have found no way, in the configurator, to switch to the ML-2540 series

Hope this helps. 

The other versions give me a window that searches for a scanner, but not printer.

If the installer brings up a window saying that I need the SANE package (even though
I have it installed), I go ahead and install anyway and the package uses the CLP-300
driver, which does not work for the ML-2545.

I am sending this from a fresh install of debian 7.0.  I may have used a newer version
that may be unstable.  I'll report back later.

ciao and thanks,


OK.  I made a big mistake.  And for that I apologize.

I reloaded debian 7.0 (wheezy) from scratch.  Downloaded

Unzipped it, tar -xvf 'd it and cd'd into cdroot.
Did a sudo sh ./autorun
and everything went as smooth as silk.

It looks like there is going to be a problem in the
next release of debian.  Or they have yet to get
everything into place for the printers.

I apologize for the taking up of your time and others
in this problem.

I am extremely relieved to be able to print without
a hassle.  The UnifiedLinux Driver works perfectly
with the ML-2545 using the ML-2540 series driver.
But you already knew that.



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