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ML-2165W wireless connection [Solved]

Started by pol, June 24, 2013, 12:50:33

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first of all thank you for sharing the repository

I have a ML-2165W installed on a Kubuntu 12.04 using driver version 4.00.36

I can print via USB but I don't know how to print via wireless.

The printer is part of a small net connected with an access point that has other 2 windows pc
From them I can use the printer via wireless.



OK really easy

...the printer worked via USB

so I tried to ping it and it worked, then I found it in the network by going in dolphin under "Network". There I saw that it pointed to ipp://and the id_of_the_printer

I copied the address under system settings>printer configuration>ML-2160 series in the string "URI" and tried the test page.

And in dolphin you can find synctru too, useful to chek all about the printer

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