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Trouble printing from Windows 7 to my CLP-365 connected to Ubuntu 12.04 server

Started by dezed, July 09, 2013, 15:16:35

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I just bought this printer as a replacement for my hp1018i

I have installed the suld-driver-4.00.39 (4.00.39-1) driver and set up the printer in cups 1.53 web interface and i can successfully print test pages from the web interface (in color).
It says the following Driver is used:   Samsung CLP-360 Series (SPL-C) (color, 2-sided printing)

So my server has an Samba domain and share the printer but when i install the Windows 7 driver and try to print a test page all that gets out is text rather then the test page images e.g


This worked fine before with my old hp printer.

Any ideas what can be the issue ?



If you can print correctly from your Ubuntu machine, then it may be a problem with the Windows driver (which I have not looked at it for years).

If neither computer can print, then presumably something in the server is interfering, but I can't say what.

I realize this is probably not very useful, perhaps someone with experience with this type of setup will share.


I have now directly hooked it up via USB to my windows machine and prints as expected. However i noticing some differences to the behavior.

1) when i print from windows directly the led flashes green all the time.

2) when i print from CUPS web IF (printer connected back to server) it starts of flashing green but then flashes red? I does provide a correct looking test page

3) when try to add the Samba shared printer from windows it dosn't dedect it as a CLP-365 i have to manually select the driver for it.

4) Printing from windows the printer flashes red all the time (which i guess indicates it's not getting the data in the correct format sent to it.)

So this whole red flashing thing feels like an indicator that something is wrong with the setup. So is there anything else i should install on the linux box than  suld-driver-4.01.17 ?


You should not need anything other than the basic driver package to share the printer as you describe.  I suspect that something is being lost in the interface between the network protocol and the printer driver.  But whether that is a bug in the driver, SAMBA, or a configuration problem (or some combination), I don't know.  My only thought regarding configuration is that the driver can be finicky if a firewall has ports blocked to it, but if any data at all is being sent then I doubt that is the issue.


if you are sharing in ubuntu from windows you only need to send postscript to the ubunrtu machine. Forget the clp365 driver on windows

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