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apt-get update translations issue

Started by brunoa, July 10, 2013, 07:08:04

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Hi, I have an apt-get update issue :
It hangs when trying to get and Don't know how to work this out...
Any clue? Thanks!

I solved it temporarily by setting LANG=en.utf8 before apt-get update to prevent translations fetching. But it will block on next update, and I'd like to let my system update French translations for other packages.
Their is probably an issue on the repository for i18n packages information.


Two questions:

1. Does an "apt-get update" today clear the issue?  It could be an issue with the apt cache if the server was being slow to respond.

2. When did you notice this starting?  The translation files (really just placeholders to eliminate millions of 404 errors in my log) have not changed since last month.

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