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Future of the repository

Started by bchemnet, October 06, 2013, 16:11:49

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I am putting out official notice that this repository will probably not last forever.  There is no short-term risk it will disappear, or that anything currently available will be removed.  However, there is a serious risk that updates will become even more infrequent and/or eventually stop altogether.

There are three major reasons for my winding down my effort in this project, in order of least to most important:
1. I no longer own a working Samsung printer.  I am therefore unable to test any drivers, so all packages are untested when posted.

2. The latest Samsung installer is decent, and most of the problems that originally led to the creation of this repository are fixed.  (At least, for those printers supported by the "driver2" drivers, 1.00.06 and higher.)  Therefore, motivation to keep creating packages is considerably reduced, although there is still some benefit to such an approach.

3. At this point in my life, I have very limited free time.  Every significant update to this project consumes most of a weekend, and I rarely have a weekend free any more.  Even minor updates and occasional forum responses take up a significant fraction of my free time.  I do not expect to have time or energy to spend on this project with any consistency.

All that said, the current repository and files will remain indefinitely.  And I would be happy to have someone else contribute or even take over, while retaining the infrastructure I am currently using.

If you have any interest in potentially ensuring that this project continue, just post here and I will be in touch (you do not need to share you email address publicly).  In the meantime, I will continue to respond to forum posts when possible and deal with what maintenance of the packages that I can.  I am uncertain whether any future drivers released by Samsung will be packaged or not; if they are similar to existing drivers and relatively painless to wrap up, I will.  If Samsung releases yet another drastically changed driver, I expect to give it a pass.

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