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How to post for help (READ THIS FIRST!)

Started by bchemnet, June 09, 2012, 20:13:54

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See this announcement:

First, please read, and/or the other links above regarding common questions, to see if your question is answered there.

When posting, please provide:
1. Your printer model
2. The Linux distribution and version you are using (Ubuntu 12.04, Debian Testing, etc.)
3. How the printer is connected (USB or network protocol)
4. Which driver version (packages) you have installed (or if you are not using the repository)
5. The specific problem including any error messages you see
6. Other relevant information, such as anything you have already tried to resolve the issue, whether the printer worked at some point in the past or in a different configuration, etc. - the more information you can provide, the more likely it is that someone will recognize the problem

Without this information, it is unlikely anyone will be able to help you, and your question may well be entirely ignored. I monitor this forum and will respond to public posts (although it may take a few days); do not attempt to send me a private message or email. On the other hand, I don't always know how to solve the problem, which is why I insist on public posts, and other readers are welcome to jump in and help out.

Please be aware of two very common solutions:
1. If you installed the driver using the Samsung installer, the first thing to try when having problems is to remove it and set up the repository to install the driver.  This will always be the first thing I suggest you do if you tell me you used the Samsung installer.

2. If you installed one driver version and it doesn't work, try a different version.  Check the list of supported printers ( for particular versions that are likely to work with your model.

Also note that there is no Samsung driver available for Arm-based systems, such as smart phones or Raspberry Pi.  You will have to look into other alternatives for your printer on those systems.

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