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Another apt-get update problem

Started by k8dbg, June 13, 2014, 19:48:16

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Greetings. I've read the faq's and threads on this topic. If I missed the answer I apologize.

I'm trying to enable scanning with an SCX-4521F. I edited /etc/apt/sources.list and appended the line:

deb debian extras

When I try apt-get update I get the following error:

W: Failed to fetch  Unable to find expected entry 'extras/binary-i386/Packages' in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)

I don't know enough about the update/repository process to get further. I appreciate any help.



It looks like a typo.  You have "extras" where it should be "extra" (no "s").


Thanks for the quick answer. I cut & pasted that string from somewhere -- unfortunately not your web page, but one of the copy cats I found through DuckDuckGo.

Works as advertised. I appreciate the help.




I have same issue, impossible to connect to the repository.
The deb line was copy/paste from faq.

Here is the apt error :
W: Impossible de récupérer  Impossible de trouver l'entrée « extra/binary-armhf/Packages » attendue dans le fichier « Release » :  ligne non valable dans sources.list ou fichier corrompu

E: Le téléchargement de quelques fichiers d'index a échoué, ils ont été ignorés, ou les anciens ont été utilisés à la place.

Any idear ?


Quote from: Deteklover on December 12, 2014, 04:12:11
Here is the apt error :
W: Impossible de récupérer  Impossible de trouver l'entrée « extra/binary-armhf/Packages » attendue dans le fichier « Release » :  ligne non valable dans sources.list ou fichier corrompu

ARM-HF architecture is not provided by Samsung.  So although there is an "arm" driver, it does not actually work with most modern arm systems.  Only "armel" works.


Thanks for your answer !

I use an Raspberry Pi B+, do you know if there is a drivers available for it ?
Thanks a lot


Not unless you change the distribution.  On most devices it is possible to run an armel distribution by wiping what is currently installed and starting over.  But I haven't tried with any Raspberry Pi.

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