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Wrong scanning format from CLX-3185FN

Started by schubaffo, August 21, 2014, 07:26:26

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i'm using a Mint 12 KDE 64 bit distribution, with the 4.00.39 driver package downloaded from this repository.
When I scan any A4-format document (using Simple Scan app, or any other) it is acquired in a non-correct format, different from the A4 standard (210x297mm is the correct A4 format; but the format I get is something like 210 mm x "more than 297mm").

I tried scanning after installing the driver package provided by Samsung, and in this case the format I get is correct (210x297mm).

Where is the problem? Some wrong setting in the package downloaded from the repository? Is there any configuration file where I can correct such an issue?

Sorry for my bad english, and thanks in advance for your replies.

I FORGOT: the printer/scanner is connected via ethernet; I get the same problem using an Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 64bit distribution too.


Which package did you download from Samsung?  Directly or from this website?  If you downloaded directly, was it from the Samsung site associated with your country?


Hi, i solved yesterday this way:
I have installaed package 4.00.36 from this repository; printer and scanner correctly recognized.
I installed XSane and that sw allows me to choose the scanning format, so I can choose A4 and scan correctly.
ASAP I'll retry with SimpleScan to check if the problem is still present; but now, anyway, I can work with XSane correctly.

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