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Driver version 1.00.37

Started by bchemnet, December 27, 2015, 13:04:02

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The Samsung installer for driver version 1.00.37 (December) is available on the Samsung Installer page, but I do not plan to package it.  The only differences from 1.00.36 are the ppd files for the M301x, M306x, C3010, and C3060 series printers, none of which appear to be actually for sale yet.  The driver itself is identical to 1.00.36 (and therefore also 1.00.35).


Samsung has finally released printers that actually depend on this version, so I have released updated an updated ppd package to allow for their use.  The driver itself is still 1.00.36 because I don't see any point in uploading identical binaries as a new release.

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