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I can't print pdf with my c430w printer

Started by sylvain, January 09, 2016, 03:47:37

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hi! first excuse me , i'm french and my english is bad.
at first, i try to install my printer dowloading the driver in samsung site, but i couldn't print a pdf file(jpeg, txt or png ok) I try with usb connection, wifi and directly connected on the inrenet box
After this, i uninstall it with the script of the official site and i verify if everything was deleted and i delete the printer in cups web-interface.
Then i try with the repository of this site with two driver(version 35 and 36) but the problem with pdf stay.
I remove everything.
I try with the fix for pdf but there is no driver for C430 inside, so it's not work.(i precise that the printer is connected on intenet box)
Can you help me ?
Thank you


Sorry, no.  I suggest reporting the issue to Samsung.


Ok, thank you for your answer.
I hope they will do something for me.

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