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Printing after suspending the machine doesn't work

Started by andoruB, October 11, 2016, 16:17:40

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So, as the title explains, I cannot print anything with the printer (a Samsung SCX-4300) after suspending the PC, unless I unplug and plug back in the USB cable, or turn off the printer, and turn it back on. Instead, cups just queues the tasks. Is there anything that can be done to fix this issue?
The driver I'm using is suld-driver-4.01.17-3 on Debian Sid i386 PAE.


I don't think there is anything that can be done with the driver.  You could try forcing a refresh of the USB ports upon waking from suspend by modifying the suspend parameters.  I have not had to look into how to do this under systemd, but there is presumably a parameter that can be passed to do this.


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