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HP acquiring Samsung printer business

Started by bchemnet, September 12, 2016, 20:42:13

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Announced today is that HP is purchasing Samsung's printer business.  The deal may take a year yet to close, assuming no regulatory hurdles.  Presumably after that there will start to be significant changes in the distribution of printer drivers.  Historically HP printers have been well-supported on Linux, so I would guess that within 2-3 years there will be no need for this repository for new printers based on Samsung technology.  I have no idea how long support will be provided for existing printers through current drivers, or for how much longer (if at all) the Unified Linxu Drivers will continue to be updated by Samsung/HP.

I have no plans to change anything here, but will watch this development with interest.  Even if HP drops support for some existing models of Samsung printers, I can continue to provide drivers through this website for some time, at least until the drivers start to develop incompatibility with the latest Linux distributions or interest in obtaining the drivers drops off.

See the official press release here:


Update: as of November 1, 2017, all Samsung printer business and support has transferred to HP.  As of today, the new HP support site is extremely limited and provides no Linux drivers.  While HP completes the transition and makes the drivers available again, you can continue to download the Samsung drivers from this site using the repository or directly via the Samsung Installer link.


HP's website now appears to have all current Samsung printers and drivers available.  As of today, it appears that none of the driver files have been modified in any way, so the most current drivers remain the 1.00.36/37 set released more than two years ago.

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