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Cannot install Keyring Package

Started by J_Dobbie, January 24, 2017, 08:52:04

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Ubuntu 14.04   .
I was unable to install  the Keyring Package  from the repository  due to authentication messages.

So I downloaded " suldr-keyring_2_all_deb "  directly .  Firefox suggested that this be opened with the Ubuntu Software Centre  .  I did this a received the attached warning message " The package is of a bad quality ............."

What do you suggest ?


The error is of no concern.  The message is correct - the email address field does not follow Debian (Ubuntu) package policy.  But that is completely irrelevant to your ability to use (or trust) the package.  Lintian is the Debian tool to ensure that all packages conform to a very strict set of rules, and the vast majority of its warnings and errors are about trivial items.  A great many packages in the Ubuntu repository fail one or more lintian tests.

I have no idea why someone decided that this particular issue was so severe it needed to be brough to the attention of the standard user, who has no reason to know what it really means.

Of course, full disclosure forces me to point out that I made the package, so it would not be unreasonable to ignore my advice on this issue.  Theoretically I could have a nasty plan in mind, and I am unwilling to invest the time to meet the package standards to prove otherwise.  However, ~3500 people install the package every month, and I think that's about all you are likely to get as a second opinion.


OK  all working now .

Thank you for this site .

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