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ML-1670P Printer Gives Internal Error after upgrade Fedora 30

Started by Anil, May 10, 2019, 07:06:08

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I am using the ver 1.0.39.  After upgrading to Fedora 30, the printer is printing the following message whenever a document contains any image, even if grayscale;

INTERNAL ERROR - uw_color == 4
SYSTEM : h6fw_5.49/x1_image
LINE : 341
VERSION : SPL 5.49 10-20-2010

Cups does not seem to show any error.


This error seems to be appearing with several ML printers on distros that have updated to cups 2.2.11 or pulled recent patches into 2.2.10.  Although there are no CUPS errors reported, I believe this is due to some change in CUPS.  Please report it as a bug to Fedora and ask that it be escalated to CUPS.  But honestly I expect that the CUPS team will say "not our problem", as they seem determined to keep making changes that are breaking support for Samsung printers.

As a fix, my best suggestion is to revert back to CUPS 2.2.10.


Thanks a million. I used the source from Fedora 29 - cups version 2.2.8-10 and could build it on Fedora 30 without any issues and the printer works.

As you suggested, I have posted a bug report but as you indicated, not much hope of it being addressed.

On the other hand, if Samsung/HP could release the source of the driver, it would be freedom!



Quote from: thesupermoney on June 11, 2019, 01:28:14
I solve this problem in ubuntu 19.04 installing printe-driver-splix and this openprinting ppd -->!9kcz2Cbb!xwTwiaD-RJTtEDu19V1NFSxZiAcRLapId0HO82Rs3Vc
Thanks for sharing.  Note that a more stable link to the ppd is .  It is possible that sufficiently motivated individuals could use this as a model for adapting other PPD files for use with splix (printing only, not for scanning), as the content differences between this and the Samsung PPD are not large.

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