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problem of printing in wifi: weird symbols

Started by in_die75, August 15, 2019, 11:17:26

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I've just installed my Samsung Xpress c647 printer in WIFI and my problem is that the result doesn't correspond to the original document.
It prints a lot of pages with weird symbols, it seems like it's an encoding problem (but why does it print a lot of pages instead of one ?).
Can you help me please !?



Do you mean the c467 (not c647)?  As far as I know Samsung, never produced a printer with a model number of c647 (or c6 anything).

My three suggestions are to (in no particular order):
1. If you installed via the repository, try using the Samsung installer.  Or if you installed using the Samsung installer, switch to using the repository.
2. Try a different driver version within the supported range.
3. Try printing by USB, even if only temporarily, to determine if it is a problem specific to the wireless connection.


I'm sorry I was wrong for the number, it's 467...

I've already installed the uld driver and I think it's the Samsung version.
The printing works only with the USB connection, whereas the scanner doesn't work even when connected by USB.


I have the same issue, well almost, with a M3065FW:

- first time I print is fine
- then it prints the postscript source (pages and page of what looks like random characters, but you can tell it's postscript)

It starts working fine again, for a single print, after I either reboot or unplug/replug the printer (honestly not sure which of the two).

I installed suld-driver2-1.00.39 through the repository on Ubuntu 18.04.

I never that problem with Ubuntu 14.04 with, I'm not sure which previous version of the driver.


Unfortunately, all I can offer as a solution is to try a different version of the driver.  Or to contact HP to see if they have any interest in developing an updated driver, but I doubt it both because they have no financial incentive and because CUPS is making changes that will eventually make obselete all drivers in Linux (and printers that do not support the new CUPS approach).


I tried different versions of the driver, going way back... and it didn't help.

So I re-installed the latest driver, that driver is needed for scanning, then went and customized CUPS. Copy pasting my posting on askubuntu:

    • open a browser
    • navigate to localhost:631
    • click on "Printers" in top bar
    • click on name of the printer (Samsung...)
    • Click on the "Administration" drop down menu, and select "Modify Printer"
    • You'll be prompted for your user id and password, enter your Linux login credentials
    • select the first printer in "Discovered Network Printers", "Continue"
    • "Continue" again
    • select "Samsung XXXXX driverless cups-filters", "Modify Printer"

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