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Scan To PC - unresolved dependency python-pypdf

Started by lucky62, June 12, 2020, 06:01:01

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Package suld-scantopc cannot be installed on Linux Mint 19.3 (maybe also on other systems based on Ubuntu)
because there is unresolved dependency to python-pypdf.

pypdf is not available (replaced by pypdf2).
This problem is commonly known.
So I used workaround (creating and installing fake package) described here:

Note that you must install pypdf by pip /pip install pypdf/.
Then I was able to install suld-scantopc.

Can someone to update the package to resolve this?


I can change the dependency, but as far as I know the script does not work with pypdf2.  If you find otherwise, let me know.  However, given that Debian (hence Ubuntu, etc.) are in the process of removing python2 entirely from the distribution, I am not going to make changes to encourage use of pypdf itself via pip, or other python2 libraries.  All dependencies for this script should be changed to the python3 versions if it is going to remove useful, which requires rewriting the relevant portions of the code.

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