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New 2020 driver with arm64/mips64 support

Started by ValdikSS, September 28, 2023, 20:25:31

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bchemnet, take a look at HP 107 drivers. This is a new HP device, but it is made on the same hardware and software platform as Samsung Xpress SL-M2020 and also uses SPL with uld driver.

The latest driver available for this device is V1.00.39:00.12_00.15 from Jun 26, 2020. The archive includes i386, amd64, aarch64 and mips64 binary libraries.

The configuration files are all stripped for HP, but I won't be surprised if it would work with Samsung printers by just copying oem.conf and smfp.conf from the Samsung uld.


Yes, it does look that way.  I will build packages in the near future for testing.  Unfortunately I no longer have access to any relevant hardware so cannot test myself.


Packages posted and some web content updated, with the caveat that I have done zero testing.



The Xerox drivers appear to be equivalent to version 1.00.25, which means the ARM is probably armel rather than armhf and therefore useless to anyone trying to use this on a Raspberry Pi - which as far as I know is the only reason anyone is trying to run ARM drivers.

If you can verify that the ARM drivers in that download are instead armhf and therefore potentially useful, I can work on packaging them.

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