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Fix multiarchitecture by adding 'Multi-Arch: foreign' to all 'Arcitecture: all'

Started by ellepdesk, June 30, 2021, 08:55:26

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I'm trying to bypass the restrictions on architecture by enabling qemu-user-static to run amd64 binaries on arm.
Installation of the suldr-driver2 packages fails because the driver depends on common, and common is installed only for the current architecture.

By patching the common and ppd .deb files to include 'Multi-Arch: foreign' these packages are seen as a fulfillment of the dependencies of suld-driver2:amd64 even when installed on a native arm system.

Using these patched debs an qemu-user-static I have successfully printed a test page from an arm system on a Samsung C410 printer. At the cost on a bunch of arm64v libs an a big overhead on executing, this could solve the long-standing issue of using the SULD drivers on a raspberry pi.

In sort: Please add 'Multi-Arch: foreign' to the control file for all 'Architecture: all' .deb files.


This is done for the common & ppd packages.  (Based on my reading of Debian's package guidelines, adding the Multi-Arch line is not appropriate for the other "all" packages in this repository.  However, I do not think any of those packages are relevant for this purpose.)

Please let me know if it works for you without having to manually edit the packages.


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