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Quick Guide to Setting Up Repository

Started by bchemnet, June 09, 2012, 20:28:16

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See this announcement:

Quick Guide to installing Samsung printers & the Unified Linux Driver:

Using the Samsung Unified Linux Driver repository
This method installs the proprietary Samsung drives while avoiding all the problems associated with the manual installation and allowing you to retain control over exactly what gets installed.  View the instructions on the repository webpage for setting up the repository:

Just installing one of the suld-driver-* or suld-driver2-* packages should enable full printing and scanning support.  See the list of supported printers at for suggestions about which version to install.  All other required packages will be automatically installed.

The Configurator and other packages are really only necessary in a subset of cases, or if you happen to like the Configurator interface to manage printers.  Note that the suld-driver2-* packages do not support the Configurator, nor many older printers.

Other approaches: check here if you are looking for alternatives:  Much more information and technical details are available on the main SULDR web page, as well as the links above for common questions and solutions.

The Samsung Smart Panel and Printer Utilities
Samsung also provides additional utilities for certain printers.  Since they are printer specific (unlike the Unified Driver, downloading the Smart Panel for a different printer model than your own will often not work), and not available for the CLP-550N, I have never tested these.  These utilities pose a security risk to your system.  See the repository main page for details on these, and why you should consider the implications of installing them.  The page also explains why I will not be producing .debs for these programs, so please do not ask me to.

A request: contact Samsung.  Please look at the first question here:, and then contact Samsung about the issues raised.  I've spent hundreds of hours (as of have other users) trying to create workarounds for issues that Samsung should be able to address.  However, no change in the drivers or installation process is likely unless many of the thousands of users of this repository and forum make their voices heard.

Also please note that there is no Samsung driver available for Arm-based systems, such as smart phones or Raspberry Pi, except for partial support for a few of the now older driver2 versions.  You will have to look into other alternatives for your printer on those systems.

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