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ARM binaries needed for Raspberry Pi

Started by rako, February 11, 2020, 15:19:23

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I have bought a brand new HP Laser 107w, which turns out to be a kind of Samsung Printer.
The Printer is connected over WiFi.
If I install the Drivers under Ubuntu on an Intel CPU, everything works really fine.
But the supported ARM binaries do not work on a Raspberry Pi Model 3+
I just wanted to print out coupons on my Bowhunting Cinema with the cheap printer.
But obviously the Printer was too cheap or I should have had a closer look on the driver situation before.
But usually HP was well supported under Linux.
I could easyly compile sources on my own. But without sources I am lost here.
As I allready stated, the existing ARM binaries do not work correctly.
Please reply directly to my E-Mail Address:

Kind Regards

Rainer Kowallk


There are no binaries for the Raspberry Pi, nor is the source code available.  Samsung never released either and HP has done nothing since purchasing the Samsung printer line.  As far as I can tell, it is impossible to use this printer with the Raspberry Pi directly.


Since this printer supports Wi-Fi Direct, Mopria and AirPrint, it should support PDF, PCLm or other raster language. Try generic driver, it should work.
This printer also supports SPL, splix driver should also work.


Experimental packages for arm64 are now available.

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