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SCX-452F does not print.

Started by yanndan, November 04, 2012, 14:04:12

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Printer model: Samsung SCX 4521F
Linux distribution: Ubuntu 12.04
Connection: USB
Driver version: 4.00.39-1

Hello everyone,

I have updated my father's ubuntu (10.04 ->12.04) and now the printer refuses to do its job. When I try to print something, it goes to the printer jobs list. The status of the file begins by "in progress" then goes to  "Stopped".

I also tried to print using the "lp" command line. The file goes to the printer jobs list too.

It is strange since I can scan pages with xsane. I also am able to copy pages.

If you have any idea, my dad will be grateful.

Thanks in advance,


Hello everyone,

In fact, it appears that the driver chosen by PPD was not the good one. Now, it seems to work.


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