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network Scan on CLX-3170

Started by George82, October 27, 2012, 09:09:13

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Since last update (4.00.35-2 to 4.00.39-1) i have some troubles with network scanning.
I'm using simple scan with ubuntu 12.04
With the new package the scans are not automatically scanned in the right size but in larger size so i have to crop the scans.
The older package did not have the issues.
I have checked the packages, there have been a lot of changes , especially for CLX-3170, so i think there is a problem with these changes.

Printing is working fine.

Thanks in advance for your help


Hi tweedledee,

I'm having the same problem as wjwh with my CLX-3170 printer.
I have tried to resolve this issue by replacing both files:

with the version from 4.00.35-1

Would it be possible to create a new package in your script to create a metapackage
samsungmfp-scanner pointing to the newest version
and a package samsungmfp-scanner-4.00.35-1 for those who having problems with the new package

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