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Samsung ML-2165W under Ubuntu 12.04 does not print

Started by pschalkx, June 13, 2012, 03:45:18

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I just bought a Samsung ML-2165W printer because of it's small size and also because they say it supports Linux.

I followed the advise on the ubutuforums on how to install the Ubuntu Unified Printer Driver, and can not get it working under Ubuntu 12.04 with WiFi (the printing app reports that it can't make a connection to the printer).
On my other machine with 10.04 had done the same and there printer works fine over the WiFi.

I verified that the same packages are installed on both machines. In both I choose "ML-2160" as tyhe closest model, as the ML-2165 is not listed.

Just in case, how I got the ML-2165 working under 10.04 is listed further below.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


ere's how I could get my new Samsung ML-2165W (part of the ML-2160 family) to be discoverable as a wireless printer in Linux:

1) Installed the printer from Windows via USB, that way I could easily configure the wireless interface from the printer.

2) The printer is not discovered by System>Printing. To solve this, after tinkering a while, here's what I could do to solve it:

2a) Installed the Samsung unified printing driver as per the start of this thread. Note: I did this mostly via Synaptic, as I prefer the GUI.
I installed the following packages via Synaptic: The different samsungmfp files v4.00 35-1, including the samsungmfp-driver 4.00.35

2b) As it still didn't work, went back to Windows, checked the properties of the printerand found it's URL, something like SEC0015.....lan. Noted this name.

2c) Back in Linux, opened system>printing, clicked on add printer, then selected AppSocket/HP Jet DIrect, copied in the name above i.e. SEC0015....lan, left the port at 9100, and it installed beautifully.


Quote from: pschalkx on June 13, 2012, 03:45:18Any suggestions?

Does the printer respond from either/both computers if you enter "ping <printer url or IP>" in a terminal?  It could also be a firewall issue if you have enabled one on the 12.04 computer, in which case you'll have to allow UDP incoming packets from the printer.



I found a solution:

Today I tried again and uninstalled the Samsung unifid package. Then if I go add a printer the ML-2165 appears on the menu to be selected as ML-2160; close enough. I could configure it, but with the wrong drivers, so no printing.
However, I wrote down the URL that Ubuntu had autodiscovered, in my case: socket://

So I installed the unified package again, added a printer, specified the URL above, chose the M:L-2160 drivers and presto! the printer came alive with a test page.

What I don't get is why is the printer autodiscovered by Ubuntu *without* the unified driver package, but not *with* the unified package installed.

In any event thanks for the drivers!



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