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SCX 3200 on rasbian

Started by rasp, January 28, 2013, 11:55:48

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i am trying to get my scx 3200 running on a raspberry. Unfortunately only the printer works.

I had tried to install the unified drivers but the seem not to work with the arm6hf platform.

The scanner is shown via: lsusb, but not recognized by sane-find-scanner...

Has somebody a hint how to solve this problem?

Thank you and regards


Samsung has not released binaries that work on arm platforms, and since we don't have the source code......

But you might be able to use the trick here:

The #### code for the SCX-3200 is 3441.


Thank you for your quick answer... I will try it tomorrow and post the results...

Have a nice evening


Help please email manual you have set the printer (ustanavlaivali driver, etc.) on the Raspberry Pi, my printer samsung sxc 3200. Do not print status stoped in cups

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