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Legal Stuff

The binary components of the Samsung Unified Linux Driver are copyright (c) 2000-2016 by Samsung Corporation.

For other components of the Samsung Unified Linux Driver, copyrights are held by their respective owners.

The binary components are licensed under a variety of open-source licenses, as well as an unknown, restrictive Samsung license.

Samsung's license on redistribution is unclear prior to v3.00.43. Beginning with v3.00.43 and continuing in the subsequent releases (including driver2 v1.xxxx), Samsung includes a EULA that explicits forbids redistribution and repackaging of the driver contents. Because all driver components are provided for free and no reverse engineering is taking place, it seems unlikely that these or other packages based on the Samsung driver actually violate any laws or would lead to legal action by Samsung. However, use and redistribution of these packages is at your own risk. All of that said, the Samsung website started linking to this repository in February 2015 in response to questions regarding whether their drivers provide Linux support, so presumably they have no actual objections.

There are no additional restrictions placed on redistribution of the packages in this repository, which are provided in the hope that they will be useful but with NO WARRANTY. All files that I have prepared and distribute as part of the Samsung Unified Linux Driver Repository may be freely reused for any purpose, but I make no guarantees they will work. I may be able to help if something breaks, but promise no support at all. I have tested the packages and scripts, and they work on my system.

The samsungscannerserver tools developed by angelnu and Totally King are released under the GPL v3+.

This website uses no cookies or personally identifiable tracking information except for a login cookie if you utilize the forums. General aggregate usage statistics (number of visits, download volume) are logged. It is possible that my network provider logs significantly more information than that, such as individual IP addresses of visitors, but I do not access or make use of any information other than total downloads per file and total hits to the site. I hate online ads, and so this site will never have them (if you see any, they aren't coming from this site).

The forum does ask for an email address to confirm your registration, as a spam control measure. Except for automated messages about new posts to the forum (which you can disable in your user settings) and the remote possibility I ever need to inform forum users about some change to the forum that directly affects them, that email address will never be used by me. I take privacy very seriously.

I have no official or unofficial affiliation with any Linux distribution or with Samsung.

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