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Uninstallation of the (obsolete) v2.00.xx Samsung Unified Linux Driver

Aside from the fact that the v2 drivers are quite old (the last minor update was in 2007, but the last significant update was in 2005), they also pose a variety of security risks and can leave a system in a poor state due to the the way the installer works. Moreover, no printer actually needs these drivers (because v3 drivers will work), and I believe Samsung stopped distributing them altogether in early 2010.

Files Installed By the v2.00.xx Driver

Note: for AMD64 installations, /usr/lib/ may actually be /usr/lib64/. Files marked with a (+) indicate that the file must be manually removed even if the Samsung uninstaller is successfully executed. (All files must be manually removed, as root/sudo, if not.) To execute the uninstaller, execute (as root/sudo, and in a terminal) /opt/Samsung/mfp/uninstall/ or /opt/Samsung/mfp/uninstall/guiuinstall .
The following were typically installed, but the location varied somewhat with distribution and desktop environment: The following would only be present if you ran the Configurator help: Finally, the following is modified by the installer to add "smfp" to the end of the file (the uninstaller sometimes reverses this, sometimes not):

Ownership Problems

Many folders and files end up as owned by the user, a major security risk, and should be changed to root ownership (chown root.root):

Use of SetUID

All installers for the v2 driver set many of the Samsung binaries in /opt and /usr to execute suid (i.e., execute the program as root rather than the user, a major security risk). In addition, all versions prior 2.00.97 and installers of v2.00.97 prior to August 2007 also set the following programs to execute suid:
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